How to get your EGEA quality label for your Mobile Air-Conditioning (MAC) service units in 7 steps:

See application process scheme here

  1. Register your intention to use the EGEA Label by filling in our online application form, after confirmation of your contact details, an invoice will be sent to you. Click here to find out about our application fees.
  2. After payment, the EGEA MAC equipment specification for HFO 1234yf Service Station will be made available together with its best practice document. If for any reason the download does not work then please contact EGEA. The downloaded documents describe the specification that needs to be met in order to submit your MAC service unit for independent testing. The downloaded documents also include the rules for use for the EGEA MAC label once a unit is approved.
  1. With these specifications, you are now able to produce your pre-production unit according to the EGEA MAC HFO1234yf Service Unit specification before submitting your unit for testing to a Notified Body (Please visit the NANDO website for any further information on your Notified Body).
  1. The notified Body will now test your unit using the EGEA MAC Specification and the other current mandatory standards that need to be met; Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU; Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU; EMC Directive 2014/30/EU.

  1. When the testing is completed and the documentation is available to you from the Notified Body, please send us ( all relevant documentation from the Notified Body (including any separate reports concerning compliance for pressure, low voltage and EMC testing) to complete your application for the EGEA MAC quality label.

  1. Your submitted documentation will now be reviewed by our Technical Committee and your application will be considered for approval. The decision concerning your application will be communicated to you by email normally within 15 working days.

    1. Not approved – this decision will be communicated to you including the reasons for non-approval. In this case, you can address the reason for non-approval and resubmit. If you do not agree with the decision then an appeal procedure might be initiated which should be addressed directly to our Technical Committee.

    2. Approved – You will be notified of the decision and receive the rules for use of the EGEA Label.

  2. Once you have been awarded with your EGEA label, your company details and a description of the equipment, including a picture, will be included in the dedicated ‘approved equipment list’ available on our Website (link to webpage). The label and the listing on the EGEA website is awarded for one year only. Renewal should be done using the online application form and upon acceptance of both the appropriate continued conformity of production documentation and payment of the corresponding renewal fee, your MAC service unit details will continue to be listed and use of the EGEA MAC label will continue to be authorised. The renewal does not require any re-submission to the notified bodies unless there have been changes to the design and functionalities of the existing model.