On the 31st January 2012, the European Commission officially published the Euro VI Implementing Measures (technical part) on emissions and access to OBD, Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) for heavy duty vehicles under the new Regulation (EU) N°64/2012.

With the publication, this Regulation entered into force on Tuesday, and it will be mandatory as from 1st January 2013 for newly type approved vehicles.

This new legislative act transfers, in essence, the Euro 5/6 provisions on access to RMI to heavy duty vehicles. It specifies in greater detail the technical modalities for vehicle manufacturers to make technical information available for Independent Operators.

In summary, the new Regulation includes:

a detailed list of what is considered as technical information;
OBD information needed for generic diagnostic tools and test equipment;
specific information (parameters) for parts producers needed for the manufacturing of OBD compatible replacement parts;
the recent Euro 5/6 amendments package of June 2011 (i.e. parts identification data, validation of VCIs, work units, access to the electronic service handbook)

When transferring the provisions from passenger cars and light-duty vehicles (Euro 5/6 provisions), the European Commission also duly considered the peculiarities and technical specificities of Heavy Duty Vehicles. Therefore, and following several months of working groups comprising vehicle manufacturers and independent operators, the new HDV Regulation also embraces specific derogations and exemptions for ‘customer adaptations’, ‘vehicles produced in small volumes’ and ‘ECU carry over systems from previous models’.

Please find hereafter the link under which you can find the text in English: Euro VI Implementing Measures – New Regulation (EU) N°64/2012