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EGEA welcomes the agreement on the reform of type-approval and EU’s support to maintain the standardised OBD connector open!

On the 20th of December 2017, Member State Ambassadors have endorsed the provisional interinstitutional agreement between the Estonian Presidency of the Council and the European Parliament on the reform of type-approval and market surveillance for motor vehicles to revamp the automotive sector.   EGEA welcomes this agreement which aims to achieve a high level of […]

EGEA welcomes GEAR2030 report: ‘access to vehicle and mobility data are key to allow the development of the digital innovation potential of the value chain’.

On the 18th of October 2017, the European Commission together with all stakeholders form the High Level Group (HLG) GEAR 2030 issued its final report on the competitiveness and sustainable growth of the automotive industry in the EU.   Having worked actively in various working groups, EGEA welcomes this report as an important and positive […]

EGEA congratulations to Germany on exhaust emissions – the best way to control the hot topic of exhaust emissions

Following the VW diesel emissions scandal and the continuing discussions about how to control increasing levels of exhaust emissions created by removal of diesel particulate traps (DPFs) or manipulation of the ‘AdBlue’ fluid control system that reduces levels of NOx, Germany has announced a positive way forward.   Although the new Roadworthiness Directive 2014/45/EU allows […]

ACEA/CLEPA position on access to vehicle data jeopardises competition, innovation and consumer choice

Brussels, 9 December 2016. The undersigned are united in their concern that consumers’ interest are not being placed at the centre of discussions around the possible technical solutions to access in-vehicle data. In addition to undermining free consumer choice, the solution promoted by some stakeholders would also undermine competition, innovation and independent entrepreneurship.   European […]

EU legislation on eCall Joint Position Paper

The undersigned associations welcome the European Commission’s eCall initiative and fully support the Europe-wide mandatory introduction of eCall by 2015 in all new type-approved cars and light commercial vehicles. This represents an important initiative to reduce fatalities and the severity of injuries on Europe’s roads.   The undersigned associations represent a wide range of stakeholders […]